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example photos

These are some examples of what I’m looking for in photos if possible! 

I have a lot of customers asking for examples of good photos! Here are some examples of what good photos look like. These are the 4 most important aspects of the photo I need to make a good, quality portrait. 

Basically, if you cannot see good details in the picture you are sending, it is probably not a good option. The good news is - most phones take awesome photos these days! Just make sure not to use Portrait Mode. Often times, portrait mode doesnt completely focus on the subject, leaving the edges blurry and unfocused. 


The better the photo you give me, the better the results will be! You can definitely tell, just by looking through the portraits I've done, which ones had good photos to go off. They have more detail, more personality, and look more lifelike and realistic. 


The sun or source or light is in front of the subject, not behind it. If the lighting is behind, the details will be lost in the darkness. Also, if the light source is too dim, the same problem will occur.


The subject is close up without being cropped or zoomed in on. If the subject is far in the distance, I will not be able to see the details needed to create a quality portrait. No Portrait Mode please!


I need to be able to zoom in on the pictures to see the details. If you zoom in on your photo, and it gets blurry, it will do the same for me. I will not be able to see the details either. No Portrait Mode please!


If you are downloading the picture from social media or taking a screenshot of a picture, it will not work. The resolution and quality will be much too poor to see any details.

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