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how to commission


• Step 1 •

Review Portrait Pricing and Sizes

I have a variety of pet portrait sizes you can choose from! Different portrait sizes determine how many pets you can comfortably fit. There are also different price stipulations based on how many pets you want to include.

I will work with your reference photos to suggest the best option, best size, and what will work best for you budget.

• Step 2 •

Reference Photos

Reference photos make a HUGE difference in the outcome of your portrait. In order to get the best possible portrait, you want to use the best possible photo. I will work with you to determine which photos of your beloved pet will work best!

You can also reference my Example Photos page I created to help! I have photos and guidelines to help you choose what photos, poses, lighting, etc. will work best. 


Balto Comparison.png
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• Step 3 •

Contact Me

Once you've decided on your photos, please reach out to me, and we can start working together!

If you have a date you need it by, or don't want me to post updates on my social media, in case the portrait is a surprise for someone who follows me, please let me know!. 

To contact me, either email me at: or fill out the contact form in the link below:

• Step 4 •

Deposit & Contract

Once we have a photo chosen and size selected, I ask for a 50% deposit in order to hold your place on my list and make sure I have all the appropriate materials ordered. Deposits are non-refundable once the portrait is started or materials are ordered.


I will also send you over a contract to review and sign. This is for both your protection and mine! I lay everything out, so you know exactly what to expect. This also ensures shipping insurance and protection in case your portrait gets lost in the mail.

I have Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal. I can give you the corresponding information depending on which works best for you. 

I also accept checks and cash. 

Carbothello Pastels.jpeg

• Step 5 •

Shipping or Pick-up

Once the portrait is complete, the remaining 50% + shipping is due before shipping/pickup.

I typically use USPS for shipping since it is the most affordable option.

If you stipulated any shipping requests in your contract, such as company, expedited shipped, etc. I will make sure to use those stipulations.

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