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your ruff sketchings


tutorials will be temporarily suspended for the holiday season

Sit. Stay. Sketch.


    Every month
    • Draw Along Tutorials
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Material Highlights

The Details

Whether you are here professionally or casually, I will show you how to hone your drawing skills. I will pass along a knowledge of materials, processes, and techniques I have learned throughout my art career to get you on the path to yours!


My tutorials will cover the basics and intricacies of pastels, specifically soft pastels, PanPastels, and pastel pencils. We will go into color theory, blending techniques, what materials to use when, and how to fine tune your skills for sharp details and realism. 


Each month, I will release a new tutorial designed to help you learn everything you need to know to become the best artist you can be!


There are 2 monthly membership options to choose from, both of which include a monthly draw along tutorial, or you can purchase each draw along tutorial individually. The Gold Membership gives you additional access to Live Events, like Live Q&As and Live Drawings, which will be every other month.


My hope is to enhance your passion for drawing and allow you to grow in confidence, patience, and skill! 

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